So you want to know who I am and what i’ve done?

My early years I’ve been working on the IT field. Later on I realized that business planning and QA was something I liked. Fortunately enough – and with some luck – (…some say it was just skills) I started working at Cosmoline, a telecommunication company, doing exactly what I wanted to.

A couple of years later I felt that I had to try my luck somewhere else. So I left for a beloved country and started working at Home-Saver, a subsidiary of London-Executive. My biggest success was the redesign of London-Executives’ website and the business planning and development of Home-Saver.

3 years later my next stop was Public.gr, Multirama.gr and Getitnow.gr, and I worked there as Head of Digital Content Marketing. This was one of my best experiences as I had a great team, amazing websites to improve and we altogether brought many awards for the company and the team.

One day out of the blue I was offered the job of Digital Manager at Leroy Merlin, a DIY company. It was very a interesting task, to transform a single channel company to an omni-channel experience. Creating an e-Commerce website, transforming the customer support, adding inspirational & educational content and bringing the best search experience on the website were the main projects which brought the transformation to the company.

2 years later, I decided to work as a Freelance Digital Consultant & eCommerce Manager. I wanted to work with different projects & companies at the same time. I had a lot of energy and Convert Group, the best eBusiness & eCommerce consulting firm and Seven Cells, a startup with the best cloud services seemed the best fit for me to start. Later on, I added to the pool another project. The creation of a new eCommerce website for all international franchisees for Funky-Buddha. At the end of those projects a great entrepreneur, the owner of Kostis Jewellery Stores brought me on board and we created a website and an amazing digital team, which sells beautiful jewellery across the globe. Also for 6 month period I was running Gatsoulis Bicycle Online Store, and its’ increase in sales for the Greek and why not, European market.

For 2018 I decided to try something new and at the moment I’m in charge of ellines.com, a network for all Greeks who have conquered the world with their personality, hard work, creativity and unique ideas. A unique website for it’s kind and I’m proud to be a member of the team.

Apart from being a creative workaholic or an SEO & SEM ninja, I am also a passionate rock climber & winter skier. The past years I improved my baby sitting skills by experimenting on my own samples :-p. Love playing with dogs, cats and I think that I’m a total geek when it comes to technology and gadgets.

To contact me, you can try LinkedIn.